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HESS is a leading provider of facilities management services to educational facility clients throughout the mid-Atlantic region. As a single source provider, HESS reduces client operating costs through demand aggregation, competitive bidding, vendor consolidation, streamlined work orders and payment processing. HESS provides the total package for reliability, professionalism and cost-effectiveness.

HESS understands that in today’s fast-moving business it’s critical to have access to accurate and timely information for managing multiple facilities. Our Web-based workflow management tools allow all stakeholders to obtain pertinent information about their facilities.

We offer dependable information from a strategic planning process through needs analysis, including project feasibility, design choices, cost and associated risk. Additionally, we provide strong leadership and capable management that assure clients will meet their objectives.

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability—shaping the built environment to maintain and enhance the natural environment—is a powerful concept that inspires innovative problem-solving.

Motivated to achieve the benefits of environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic progress, HESS' professionals apply sustainability principals to practically every operations challenge our clients face.

HESS possesses both the culture and the talent to deliver lasting results for complex, long-term projects. We promote the technical interaction required to create system based and integrated sustainable solutions producing tangible benefits for the environment, communities, and our client’s business success. Your projects will obtain the benefits of HESS’ sustainability expertise, including long-term cost savings and greater efficiency, and decreased risks and liabilities.


Today’s building owners realize the major capital investment they have in their facilities. With increasingly tight budgets, it is of paramount importance that systems are maintained and operate in top condition.

Investors and Fortune 500 companies have long realized that neglect or deferred maintenance actually costs more over time. Properly maintained facilities have fewer unexpected break downs; major system components last longer and provide lower life-cycle cost. The bottom line is the major capital investments in your facilities are protected and maximized.

HESS has the knowledge, capabilities and experience necessary to provide all of the facilities management services required to properly maintain and manage your facilities needs.

Facility Management Solutions

Institutions outsourcing their facility management and industrial maintenance to HESS find increased efficiency and lower operating costs by leveraging our resource management, purchasing power and cross industry practices and systems to enhance labor productivity and equipment performance.

We provide complete facilities management solutions through: